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The New York State Birth Index - holds the birth certificate number for millions of people in New York State - a crucial piece of information for anyone seeking their ancestor's birth certificate. The Bodies in Transit - collection is a unique record set that contains information about a wide range of individuals, including many Civil War soldiers both Union and Confederate.

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Even the record of President Abraham Lincoln's body can be found in this collection - see the image below to learn more about why it appears in this record set shortly after his assassination in We also have some examples of the fantastic, high-quality images of these records, along with links to the online collections themselves. The latest NY records news, expert genealogy tips, and fascinating stories, delivered twice a month to your inbox!

At long last, New York's state birth index is online!

Birth, Marriage, and Death Records | New York State Archives

This index is crucial for researchers who need to order an ancestor's birth certificate from the New York State Department of Health. Before this week, the only way to access this index was on microfiche at one of only 11 repositories throughout New York State.

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An Intervention to Improve Cause-of-Death Reporting in New York City Hospitals, 2009–2010

Check with your local library for details. Important note: This index does not cover all of New York State.

New York State vital records are slightly complicated - depending on the time and location of the event you're investigating, you may need to find the birth certificate in a different index, and order the certificate from a different governmental authority.

New York's poor can be difficult or impossible to find in other records, which makes these ledgers incredibly valuable.

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It looks like the entire collection isn't yet available in the New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery , but here is what is generally available right now:. At this point in time, not all of the important records in this collection are available digitally in the New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery. For instance, Aaron Goodwin notes in his Guide to the New York City Municipal Archives , the "Histories of Inmates" records which begin in are rich records that he considers "easily the most useful set of Almshouse records for family historians.

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