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Use 4th Echelon prototypes on your foes such as micro-trirotor drone that will scout ahead, mark and distract enemies and if needed explode with the force of a frag grenade. Use the 4th Echelon when you need them as you call the shots from the ground, whether you need gunner support, fly overs or some a little louder, 4th Echelon is yours to command. Go further into the thrilling world of espionage with a wealth of bonus in-game content, offering up new areas to explore and new gear to help you do the job.

The ultimate edition for the ultimate Sam Fisher fan, the GAME Exclusive 5th Freedom Collector's Edition comes with a wealth of in-game content to get you gaming further, as well as a statue and other goodies to bring Sam Fisher to life! Equip yourself for the ultimate spy adventure with a wealth of bonus in-game content as well as some other cool collectibles, including a watch that will see you looking as smooth as Sam Fisher himself!

An improvement on previous entries, this is a deep and satisfying game with an excellent suite of multiplayer options to round it out.

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Sam Fisher is back. With intense actor Tom Hardy playing covert agent Sam Fisher, the film has taken another big stride towards production with the an….

Splinter Cell: Walkthrough (English)

Hard to believe now, but Ubisoft's gritty spy thriller series Splinter Cell started out as a futuristic sci fi adventure starring …. Sam Fisher's back. Ubisoft is deadly serious about leaping from the joypad to the big screen, it seems. Following from the news that Michael Fassbend…. Game Retail Limited. Firm reference number - Enter the code and enter the office area. Unlock the door on your right, enter the room and take the elevator down. Move across the hallway and into the media room. There are three men inside. One of them will leave after some conversation.

You can sneak behind the consoles to get past them. Enter the office area. You can also check room on the left for data sticks.

  1. When you have to find the black box. Where is it and how do you get it?!
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  5. Lambert will give you a new goal: kidnap Mitchell Dougherty. Extraction will be simpler if Dougherty is taken from the smoking courtyard. A guard and a camera monitor the far corner.

    Enter the conference room. There are three men and a guard inside. Go across the room, unlock the door en enter the hallway. Sneak by quietly. The doors on the end of the hallway have a keypad. The computer in room on the left has the code.

    Backward Compatibility

    Enter that room and move into the shadow on the right. There are two men inside: an unarmed standing man and a seated armed agent. Shock the armed man and knock out the other when he tries to leave the room. Use the computer and get a data stick: the Information retrieval Service door code is Enter the code on the keypad and go through the double door.

    Unlock the door to the UFO sightings office on the left. Use the computer and get an encrypted data stick. Use the code and enter the room. Take the three sticky cameras and the two sticky shockers. Go back into the hallway. Open the door on the other side and sneak up on Dougherty. Knock him out. Lambert will give you a new goal: take Mitchell Dougherty to the rendezvous point near the document disposal loading dock.

    Follow the path to a door on your left. Lambert will give you a new goal: incapacitate the CIA security officer speaking with Wilkes and Baxter. Hide Dougherty beneath them. Enter the machine room to the right. Knock him down and hide him there. Go back to the machine room and take out the guard. I like to climb on one of the machines and jump him.

    Hide the body. Get Dougherty and cross the machine room. Shock him. Get Dougherty and move on. Another guard is patrolling the next staircase. Hide Dougherty in one of the ventilation openings and take the guard out.

    Backward Compatible Game Library

    Drop Dougherty in the shadow and take out the last guard. Get Dougherty and drop him near the truck. Talk to Wilkes if you like, for his views on the mission. Behind that a door to the stairs. Once you start moving towards the van two mercenaries come through the door. One will stand guard in the booth ahead. The other will stand behind the yellow car. Take them out.

    GAME - Splinter Cell Blacklist

    Take the Medical Kit in the booth. Climb the stairs to the next level. There are three mercenaries: one in front of a white van, two others behind it. The man behind the yellow car is carrying a satchel with a data stick. Take the Medical Kit from the booth. Jump on the crates ahead and onto the crates hanging from the crane.

    Hand-over- hand along the pipe towards the crane. Look for the chimney pipe and rappel on the wall. There are two mercenaries inside the room. So I tend to climb down onto the glass terrace and jump through the glass. A mercenary will walk onto the terrace. Take his satchel and data stick: Security door keypad code is Enter the Kalinatek building. Go through the door across the room and enter an electronics room. Try not to make too much noise, there are two mercenaries in the hallway outside.

    I usually take them out. Opening the door attracts one of them. Then sneak through the door and take out the other.