How do i find my host id

In the resulting output below, the hostname is my-othercomputer and the host ID is eef18 i.

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In the partial resulting output below, the hostname is my-macmini and the host ID is 4 c:8f:1f:b i. For systems that report multiple host IDs, it may be necessary to use the ifconfig command to identify the ether i. In the resulting output below, the hostname is my-macmini and the host ID is c8f1fb i. For CoFluent products: Please refer to product documentation for instructions on how to find your composite host ID for node-locked and floating licenses. Menu Documentation. Share Tweet Share Send. All Rights Reserved.

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myhostid.txt file

Consult your distribution's documentation for instructions on changing the network interface naming scheme. Kevin Kevin view profile. Thanks a lot for this solution. I have been using Matlab on my desktop, but want it on my laptop. I have it activated on another laptop since last year , which is unusable since the screen turns off when I open it. But that's another story. I noticed that the student version can be activated on 2 machines, so I needed to deactivate the broken laptop. All I saw was two computer names but I didn't know which was which.

The command prompt 'vol c:' worked, and I now have Matlab on this working laptop and my desktop. Stephen Morris Stephen Morris view profile. It is the same as the MAC address. There are 2 problems: many big mac pro machines have TWO ethernet ports. So you have to choose the right one. Shawn Lyons Shawn Lyons view profile. Stephen Morris,. There is a known bug on some Mac pro systems where the operating system will re-label the network adapters when the system is rebooted.

If you experience a license manager error -9 after rebooting your Mac pro, please contact MathWorks support for a workaround. For the laptop, it will use wlan devices if no en device is present. Alexander List Alexander List view profile. Now, I have an interesting question for you.

Scott Scott view profile. Hi Alexander,. There is no restriction on using a wireless interface as a host ID. MATLAB will use pretty much any network interface it can find, and activation should work long as there at least one network interface present. The terminology is a little confusing here, but all network interfaces list their MAC address after "ether" in your ifconfig output, not just Ethernet interfaces.

Kris Janssen Kris Janssen view profile. This answer is very misleading.


I am currently running OS X Apparently it only works with en0, something which I have found out the hard way after my old MacBook broke down just now and our IT department is closed down over the Holidays so I can now not get any work done Kyle Perry Kyle Perry view profile. Hi Kris,. If you are still having trouble please contact us directly for support so we can resolve the issue for you. Hayim D Hayim D view profile. In my case, the output of. The problem seems to be that I am using a USB-ethernet dongle -- but why should Matlab care about that?

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In the terminal app, execute. For example,. There will also be an entry showing the IP address for the link, such as. If you see an interface that does not have any IP address entry, then that interface is not currently being used as your network interface. You might see multiple interfaces with an IP address; for example my en1 interface is my wifi interface.

Network ID and Host ID Calculation

Hi Walter, thanks for the help! My netstat -i seems normal:.

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It has a valid MAC. However, the Matlab activator still gives the wrong host error when I manually generate a license with that as Host ID, and the Activator instruction page still shows this:. Is this a bug in the Activator? Why should the activator not be OK with a usb dongle? It is intiated as en0 , it has a MAC, what't the problem?? Odd, it normally cannot get to that point without throwing a warning message about the ethernet not being found.

Nicholas Fowler view profile. Vote 4. Answer by Nicholas Fowler Nicholas Fowler view profile. I have downloaded MatLab and everything but now when I try to access it, an error pops up saying that my username does not match the username in the license file. I'm not a huge tech-guy, so could anybody give me a step process on how to solve this?

Felipe Hermana Felipe Hermana view profile. Exactly the same problem, if anybody could help Tech Support Tech Support view profile. If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact MathWorks support:. ThatNeuroGuy view profile. Vote 1. It is worth noting that the default name of the ethernet connections in CentOS 7 has changed. Luca view profile. Vote 0. Answer by Luca Luca view profile.

Where can I find my computer's Rizom Host ID ? : Rizom-Lab

Edited by Walter Roberson Walter Roberson view profile. Hi,I have a pc running windows7 and Fedora Linux. I installed Matlab with Campus license first on Windows, then on linux. Setup is fine, but at the launch of the matlab console command I read License checkout failed.

How to determine your computer's hostname and hardware (MAC) address

License Manager Error Your username does not match the username in the license file. Troubleshoot this issue by visiting:. Diagnostic Information:. Hi Luca,.

License Manager (Preferred Method)

I have attached a link below that explains this error and how to resolve it. If there are issues with licensing, you can also contact Pro customer technical support over a secured connection. Whether your license is bound to machine identifiers depends on the license type : A Single-user license can be installed on two computers of the same user , thus it is bound to these machines. A network license can be installed on as many computers as you wish, but SketchUp contacts a Trimble-operated server in the cloud to count licenses in use. As the license are not associated with any portal access or the license manager and it is simply with the authorization and serial number.

As Aerilius wrote, this is really no different from asking how in general you will secure your computer against hackers. Once a hacker has broken into your computer, there is surely a lot of information there of greater value than a SketchUp license!