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Passport must have full date of birth day, month, and year.

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Certified birth certificate, in English or with certified and notarized English translation. Certificate must contain full date of birth day, month, and year. Valid I card attached to your passport.

For individuals with refugee status, you must have the letter from your spouse that brought you into the U. Parents must appear with their own identification when accompanying 16 or year-old applicants. Applicants will be provided with written educational materials by the Wayne County Clerk regarding the transmission and prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The officiant must enter the name of the city, village, or township, and the name of the county in which the marriage is being performed. The officiant will also document the date of the marriage on the licenses.

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Boxes will not be accepted as an address. There is a three-day waiting period after applying before the license may be issued and used. A marriage license is void unless the marriage is solemnized within 33 days from the date of application. The license is valid only in the State of Michigan and in any county throughout the state. Order Online Certified copies of marriage licenses may be obtained online , in person, or by writing to the Wayne County Clerk, Marriage Certification Dept.

Each dog must be vaccinated with an approved rabies vaccine by a certified veterinarian. Please be aware that an Oakland County Marriage license is required and may be obtained on-line, through the Oakland County website.

What is Required to Get Married?

Marriage licenses are valid for a 30 day period. You can use the Oakland County Clerk's Office Marriage Application service, which allows you to submit your marriage license application electronically. Marriage Information Sheet. County offices hours are Monday-Friday a.

Michigan Marriage License

Please note their busiest hours are between a. Note: Your marriage license will expire 33 days from the date of application. Do not apply if your ceremony will be held more than 34 days from today. Each stood at a podium in the front and center, while Lisa Brown, Oakland County Clerk and Register of Deeds, guided them through words and an exchanging of rings.

We don't have to discriminate anymore. Seer and Saul brought a few friends and family members, including grandchildren, who sat nearby. They held each other's hands and struggled to get through the words without tearing up. They placed rings on each other's fingers and kissed after they had recited all the words.

Just before they arrived, another couple who filed for marriage was Monika and Ashley Griffin, who live in Oxford.

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They are planning for a ceremony in July, but even while waiting in line to complete the process, a friend ran into them and hugged them. Monika Griffin added, "it's overwhelming, but it feels great. Every Friday afternoon, the Wayne County Clerk's Office holds a mass marriage ceremony for couples eager to tie the knot. Friday's service, just five hours after the historic ruling, took on a special meaning.

Michigan Marriage License - How to Get Married in MI

Both women wiped away tears. Seven same-sex couples were among the 10 couples that exchanged vows in the Detroit City Council Auditorium, with County Clerk Cathy Garrett presiding.

Mediation - Michigan Divorce Attorney in Oakland County, Michigan

Other lovebirds opted for ceremonies in a seat chapel on the fifth floor. I thought I would be dead before something like this happened," David Daily, 66, of Detroit said, as he and John Stevens, 63, picked up a marriage license. Becherer, a hair dresser at a nursing home in Armada, said he almost burst into tears when he heard about the ruling.

His boss told him to take care of getting the license.

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The couple was filling out its application when a man and a woman at the courthouse for a different reason congratulated them and said "it's about time! The couple is planning a small ceremony Sunday in Casco Township.